With only 26 years, Luis Sans was made general director of Agencia L (collaborator agency with Correos).  He created a new line of business based on outsourcing services of document management. That’s how GRUPO CENCLA was born, with the aim to become the leader in document security management (invoices, check books, passports, booklets, credit cards, etc). The company bought several companies in Spain and then expanded across Europe (France, Portugal) and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil). The company reached a profit of more than 90 million euros in all its 7 centres distributed by different commercial delegations and employing mas than 400 people y the end of 2001.

viapostal copia

With Luis Sans as head, CEO and founder, ViaPostal was the first private postal operator in Spain, as well as a leader in the sector in Europe. He broke the monopoly of postal shipments and he managed to cut a 10% of the market share from Correos, becoming a great operator on a national and international level. Pioneer in the privatization of postal shipment, ViaPostal rapidly grew creating thousands of jobs. Due to this job, Luis Sans won the prize of Premio Emprendedores.


Brand Capital Made in Spain was the first holding of Spanish brands with an international presence. Luis Sans served as Managing Director between 2006 and 2007 of Iame, a management firm for venture capital entities that was authorised by the National Commission of the Stock Market.

vida facil

Since 2010, Tu Vida Facil is an innovative project that combines the personal and professional life of workers in companies by holding hospitality areas in companies like Metro Madrid, Bankinter, Renfe or Mediapro. As founder and advisor, Luis Sans achieved the continuous growth of the project for 6 years, allowing it to develop in a successful way innovating in its field.

weston hill

Founder and co-president of Weston-Hill since 2014, Luis Sans created this company with the aim of supporting the growth of medium-sized Spanish businesses while also developing a new investment model. Weston-Hill functions by relying on the funds of the family office in order to acquire and manage more than 19 companies in different fields.

icw web

With a devoted and clear idea to change the world, Luis Sans is the creator and Dreammaker of ICW. This company was created as its name indicates, with an objective to carry out investments that could contribute directly or indirectly to changing the world whilst being profitable. This project was launched convinced that as a society we face a great challenge in the next 25 years as there will be an increase of population from 7000 million to 9,500 million. This abrupt population increase will present enormous challenges to society but it will also be a fountain of opportunities. Do you want to be part of it?

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