My passion for the world of business began at the age of 26, and throughout the years I have developed more than 20 business initiatives in different areas. I have also participated as an investor and advisor in many other business developments.

My continuous interest for this field has allowed me to experience and learn about the success as well as the failure. I am convinced that failure is the way to success, and that taking risks paves the way to create businesses.

All these years have led to the current stage I find myself in, the creation of Weston Hill and now ICW (Investment to Change the World). I am now able to launch all the entrepreneurial projects I had in mind for the last few years.


Some of the activities that Luis Sans has developed throughout his professional career in managing firms as business director have been: taking on the responsibility, setting objectives, defining strategies, planifying activities and optimizing the resources available. As director and consultant, managing firms is one of the areas of expertise that Luis Sans excels in by taking on the responsibility of a firm and the risks it includes.

Luis Sans is an excellent manager with skills in problem solving and knowledge in the business areas he is involved in.  Above everything, he is a great gatherer of ideas and tendencies and knows how to pursue projects that he finds viable to succeed in. Directing an organization requires managing a conjunction of different areas and responsibilities, making perseverance one of the most important features.


Following a long trajectory (more than 20 years) as an entrepreneur, business manager of well-known national companies such as Viapostal, Vitaldent; Luis Sans now has the opportunity to present conferences and lectures to continue the creation of entrepreneurial project.

His consistent and innovative character has allowed him to surpass failures and continue working to expand and develop new projects. Some of these have resulted with great success, rewarding him with the experience and knowledge that allow him to advice other entrepreneurs through conferences that he now holds on different subject areas.

A handful of entrepreneurs have benefitted from his collaboration and he has helped them transform their businesses. His collaboration has helped businesses grow in terms of media and resources thus developing their activity with further success

Su capacidad para detectar oportunidades despertaron en Luis Sans la vocación por la dinamización de equipos y el entrenamiento más personal, activando en los ejecutivos todo tipo de habilidades y recursos para alcanzar sus logros.

Sus propios éxitos y dificultades, junto con su perseverancia e inquietud, le han permitido adoptar una serie de aptitudes y conocimientos acerca de la actividad empresarial que comparte con otros gestores y directores de empresas, ayudándoles a alcanzar sus metas y potenciar sus talentos.

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